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19 January 2012Volunteer !

Well that turned out to be rather good in the end. Just the 6 of us tonight (Ray, Duncan, Mark, John, Matt & myself), we went out through Abinger Roughs then made our way over to Peaslake. With the help of a few cheeky trails we progressed nicely onto Holmbury Hill where we went up Telegraph, down the new trail then down Golden Birdies. We came back up the hill went around Parklife then back down Telegraph and eventually to the Volunteer for a change.

It was a decent paced ride, I feel a little fitness coming back which is good, also have to say that despite one or two reservations from our group, the Volunteer was very busy with no less than 3 differant bike groups in there.

Forgot to mention that it was also good to see Huw and Mike who drove to the pub to join us for a drink (Huw not riding due to knee problems and Mike still recovering from his broken Tibia & Fibia).


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